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Our viticulture is traditional, environmentally-friendly and precise.

We define our wine-growing as traditional, environmentally-friendly and precise.

This is the only way to understand the work which we carry out on the vine.

We put quality before quantity, ensuring that the grape reflects the land it grows on.

In our viticulture we seek excellence in the fruit – the grape – the essence of our wines and cavas.


Traditional because we study the stock, monitor its phenological state and do the field work as has been done for many years and at the right time. We keep the same processes that have been handed down from our ancestors.


Ecològica perquè volem un cultiu responsable. El 100% de les nostres vinyes estan certificades com Ecològiques pel CCPAE. We surpass the required standards and our zest makes us strive to achieve even more. We are committed to improving the soil, the ecosystem, and in short, our natural surroundings. Whenever necessary, we use 100% natural products like Leonardite earth, humic acid and diatoms to keep the balance of the soil.

Viticultura J. Fortuny Fabregas
Visticultura J. Fortuny Fabregas


Precision because in-depth observation of our stocks, continuous analysis of the earth, our own weather stations, which are adapted to our vineyard, use of aerial photography and the devices that imitate the absorption of the plants, gives us a data-rich environment that enables us to make timely, informed the right actions to give the vines exactly what they need when they need it.

In this way, we improve the soil. We have reduced the amount of fertilizers by 28%, we have cut environmentally-friendly treatments by a 33% to prevent diseases and, as a result, have reduced the amount of CO2 emissions.

At J. Fortuny Fàbregas we would like to thank the research, development and effort made by the Mechanized Agrarian Unit Research Group at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, headed by Dr. Emilio Gil, for their collaboration and support in minimizing the environmental impact produced by the excessive use of phytosanitary treatments.

The development of tools such as the APP DOSAVIÑA, which is freely available on IOS and Android platforms, or the implementation of new technologies for the variable application of phytosanitary products according to the features of the foliage, are just two examples of important breakthroughs which have enabled the process to be enhanced and achieving the objectives set forth by the new European strategy “From the field to the table”.


During the last 5 years, we’ve immersed ourselves in a project to recover very old vines, some of which are over 100 years old, and turning them into great quality vines once again.

This is a slow process which has brought us excellence… working each vine separately and customizing work to get the best out of each one.

Our bunches of grapes are registered in the following designations of origin: D.O. Penedès, D.O. Cava, D.O. Catalunya

Field work

Always sustainable, always trying to improve the environment.
Wisdom passed on from past generations, the experiences acquired at present.

Phenological state of the vine

From the winter buds to the optimum time for the grape harvest, the stock has different needs.

Knowing these needs and being able to interpret them in advance is the best way to obtain uniform fruits which are perfectly mature, healthy and have all the inherent features of the grape variety. It’s essential.

At J. Fortuny Fàbregas, we monitor all stages very carefully. We analyse each phase and take the decisions necessary for guaranteeing the best quality grapes.

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