The Font-Rubí Vineyard

  • Location: Alt Penedès.
  • Coordinates: 41o26 ‘ 29.99 N, 1o34 ‘ 40.69 ‘ E
  • Height: 511 – 663 metres
  • Soil structure: Colza, Fassina, Llombardes, Rofes series. Very deep and very well drained soils, fine texture. Regosols, Haplic, Lithic Leptosols and Fluvic Cambisols.
  • Climate: Mediterranean climate.
  • Average annual temperature: Maximum 20.9, Minimum 9.8, Average 15.4.
  • Average annual humidity: 64.79
  • Median annual radiation: 7.65 h.
  • Rainfall: 830 mm.
  • Edaphological environment: Very suitable land for vineyards. Surrounded by woodland, in a humid environment. Varied fauna and a large community of insects. High compensation area
  • Varieties: Mountain Parellada, high altitude Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Characteristic features: Height, slow and late ripening. The humidity of the area, the wide-ranging biodiversity.

It is a unique ecosystem.

Over 290 hectares of forest make up this estate. This is where it all began over 600 years ago.

Font-rubí is situated to the north of Alt Penedès, in the pre-coastal mountain range, at an altitude of between 525 and 730 metres and facing south. Here we have over 10 hectares of vineyards planted many years ago and in specially selected places of the estate for obtaining the best grape.

We work with two varieties. Parellada de Montaña and Sauvignon Blancy and we are preparing new plots to plant up to 5 hectares more of two new varieties in the next two years.

The Mountain Parellada grape is found in small plots at a height of between 540 and 650 metres, in south and south-east facing terraces. They are always planted in the Rofes or Lombard soil series and surrounded by woodland. Due to the features of the terrain, altitude and climate, the Parellada usually matures very slowly and develops complex bouquets; fresh and with a special taste, it provides good acidity to our cavas.

The Sauvignon Blanc is planted on land from the Colza and Fassina Series, with better drainage capacity, at an altitude of 675 metres, surrounded by forest and with a spring that permanently drips water over the vineyard.

We obtain a Sauvignon which is very similar to the French variety, fresh, with a good nose, that is late and ages slowly with fruit (pineapple and melon), floral (orange blossom), herbaceous (cut grass) and vegetable scents (such as green olives or green peppers).


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