Hard work and commitment throughout the whole process

Our story begins in Font-Rubí around the year 1400.

The first known documents that mention this site, specifically Font-rubí Castle, date back to 983 under the name of Fonte Rubea.
The castle formed part of the line of defence of the Marca del Comtat de Barcelona, of Royal jurisdiction and the centre of the Barony of Font Rubia, also known as the Barony of Grabuach.
This castle and its grounds were owned by different nobles, until it was bought by Mr. Miquel Torrelles and Mrs. Codma around 1600.
We must bear in mind that the castle, apart from playing an important role as a defensive fortification, was one of the points where the Payeses (farmers of Catalonia) had to pay their rents and tributes, some of whom had to pay this in the form of wine. The lands around the castle were infeudates, i.e. the property of the castle manager who could cede them in sub infeudo to his vassals.

This is how, around 1400, a father and his son, called Fàbregas, arrived at Font Rubí,settled there and began to work the land. After two centuries, in the 1600s, our family acquired the castle and all its lands, dedicating themselves to grazing, fruit trees and vineyards.

Later, a descendant of the Fàbregas family married a woman from El Pla del Penedès, joining the lands of the two families. It was at this time that our family left Font-Rubí and settled in Plana del Penedès.

The grandson of this marriage was our grandfather, Juan Fortuny Fàbregas and his daughter, Maria Teresa Fortuny, Mayte, our mother.

Mayte married Juan Colomer Parés, Dr. Industrial Engineer and Agronomist, specialised in the development and construction of wineries.

His knowledge of the winemaking process and the most avant-garde and up-to-date technology, together with his father-in-law and wife’s extensive knowledge of the vineyards, meant that they quickly began to produce Cava.

For more than 20 years we have been producing an artisan cava where all the importance was given to the quality of the grapes, the cultivation of the vines passed down from generation to generation to our grandfather and the technological knowledge of our father and the passion and character of our mother.

This stage ended, but now, 25 years later, the three brothers decided to return to it with a project that maintains and enhances the essence of that cava called “Collita”.


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