The vineyard of Banyeres del Penedes

  • Location: Lower Penedès
  • Coordinates: 41o26 ‘ 42.20 “N, 1o33 ‘ 24.41 ‘ E
  • Height: 146 – 150 metros
  • Soil structure: Llorenc and Pujols series. Very drained lands, medium texture little compact. Calcisol Pétric.
  • Climate: Mediterranean climate.
  • Average annual temperature: Maximum 22.5, Minimum 11.4, Average 15.4.
  • Average annual humidity: 64.79
  • Median annual radiation: 7.65 h.
  • Rainfall: 830 mm.
  • Edaphological environment: Very suitable land for vineyards. Surrounded by woodland, in a humid environment. Varied fauna and a large community of insects. High compensation area
  • Varieties: Macabeo, Xarel.lo, old Xarel.lo, Chardonnay, small-grain Merlot, olive trees.
  • Characteristic features: A shallow water layer that provides moisture and water. Lots of sunstroke. Salty winds from the sea.

Very close to El Vendrell, in the Tarragonés region, this 32-hectare estate is made up of a continuous plain of 22 hectares (Plana del Morgades) with different vineyards of the Macabeo, Xarel.lo, old Xarel.lo, Chardonnay and Merlot varieties.

Nearby there is a second plain of 4 and 2 hectares where we cultivate, in the traditional way, olive trees of the arbequina variety.

The pocket of water that comes from the Montmell massif is stored just below the Morgades Plain, providing the necessary humidity for the vines to withstand the higher temperature gradient that occurs in this area.

The saline breeze from the sea and the composition of the soil make this plot the perfect place to obtain powerful clusters, with alcoholic potential, intense ripening and a saline touch, perfect for wines with a long finish or cavas.

Here we grow a Xarel.lo which is over 70 years old. Made with a head-pruning system and with yields of under 4,000 kilos/Ha, it has the typical vigour of this variety, with deep and complex bouquets and great acidity which gives it great freshness. Fine grain Merlot. A low-yield clone brought from France many years ago has adapted perfectly to the area, developing all the features inherent to this black grape. Macabeos, helped by the salty sea-breeze, have become particularly sophisticated. Just like the Chardonnay, and these bunches extract all the character of this land and help us to round off young and aged cavas.


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