Vineyards are part of an ecosystem in which equilibrium is everything.

Our obsession begins here.

Looking after the land: an organic structure; an ecosystem full of vegetable species, with a large range of life that fulfil a multitude of highly necessary functions.

This symbiosis between plants, organisms and microorganisms allows vegetation to grow and enables the plant to develop correctly.

The start of everything

Our vineyards are grouped in three distinct estates, allowing us to plant the variety that best suits each area based on the geological characteristics of the soil, the environmental soil conditions, location, altitude, orientation, and climate, but also according to what we seek from each variety. These vineyards are located in Font Rubí, El Pla del Penedès, and Banyeres del Penedès. We cultivate 7 different varieties, but the differences in rootstock, clone, the location where they are planted, and the type of viticulture make the same variety contribute different characteristics and be very different in Bañeras, El Pla, or Font Rubí. We seek the best from the land. To convey the characteristics of each area to the grape. To play with the nuances specific to each terroir. In short, we want to express the territory.

We take care of the land

We take care of the land. We go one step beyond ecology and strive to improve the substratum, the environment and, above all, to return the soil to its natural state, reducing all pollutants. We know the features of the substratum.

We analyse the soil in each plot of land with trial pits, by analysis and with systems that imitate the absorption capacity of the roots of the vine to determine the state of the soil and what nutrients and minerals the plant is able to absorb.

We provide organic compounds with great care to minimize high concentrations of nitrogen and we correct the Ph and minerals that naturally contain Leonardite soils, humic acids and diatoms.

We seek a balance to get the best out of the plant.


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