This new wine is a varietal Red Grenache. Produced with vineyards over 30 years old planted in the North of the Montsant mountain range above 650 meters high. Here we have found one of the best locations to cultivate the most widespread black native variety in Catalonia; at altitude, probably the highest of the whole Montsant, with stony and poor terrain and a semi continental climate where maturations are slow and prolonged over time.
The ideal terroir to seek the maximum expression of the Grenache variety.

Discarding ficha

Available December '20


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Weight 9 kg



Planned funding: March-April 2021

Type of wine: Dry Black

D.O.: Catalonia

Variety: Grenache. From the North of the Montsant mountain range.

Planting: Driving in traditional Vas.

Year of planting: >1990

Location: North of the Montsant Natural Park. At 600 meters altitude.

Soil type: Samuel L. Brown.

Orientation: Northeast – Southeast

Pending: Abancalat

Viticulture: Traditional. Yields below 4,000 Kg / Ha

Vintage: 2019

Harvest: 3rd week of October. By hand selecting the grapes, in boxes of 15 Kg.

Pre-fermentative maceration from 24 hours to 15ºc. Fermentation and fermentation for 15 days in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 20-25ºc. Three pump-overs a day to sink and homogenize the skins.

Ageing: Decubated, malolactic fermentation and 1ºcriance of 6 months in canned basement cups. Second ageing for 4-6 months in fine-grained French oak barrels and medium-toasted medium plus.

Alcohol content: 15 degrees

Weather: Fairly warm and dry year, in late winter and early spring we had some pretty cold weeks, with very hot days in June and July, the end of summer had quite a lot of solar irradiation with high temperatures until the beginning of September where everything moderated.

Vintage 2019:
The warm spring weather and the tight rains made the growth of the vines moderate but sufficient, reaching a length of 80 cm. The number of grapes was balanced, with a proportion close to one grape per sprout, which favours an adequate evolution. Flowering began in the first week of June, prior to the heat stroke at the end of the month and was not affected. Then the quallat and maturation continued with good conditions. The care in the works of spore and pruning in green, which were very mild, surely protected the grapes from the impact of the strong heat and solar irradiation of summer, and we confirmed throughout the maturation follow-ups the very constant maintenance of the natural acidity of the grapes until the optimum moment of sugar content.



Advanced analysis (5/21/2020):

Visual analysis: Medium intensity layer with violet tones.

Olfactory analysis: Good aromatic intensity where the sweet notes of black fruits and fresh Mediterranean herbs stand out.

Gustatory analysis: Warm and unctuous attack with medium structure and sedation. Long and slightly bitter finish.

Service temperature: Between 15 and 17 degrees

Av /Gr/l acetic):0,40 Sugars (gr/l): 0,90 Ph: 3,14

Total SO2 (ppm): 72,00 ATS /gr/l): 3,80 Degree (% vol):12,00