Legend of la Encantada (the bewitched woman)

There are different versions of this legend but, at home, we were always told the following two: These are:

It was the Saint John’s day fiesta in Font-rubí and the locals were dancing in what was Can Fàbregues (currently Fàbregas), in the middle of the village. Three young ladies from Can Fàbregues who were dancing in celebration, until the local priest appeared ringing a bell and interrupted the festivities with the announcement that one of the locals had fallen seriously ill. The musicians stopped playing and everybody kneeled before the holy man. Everyone except one of the three young women from the Fabregas estate, who kept on dancing. Right then she heard a deep, heavenly voice that told her: “You will be eternally condemned to live as a snake among the rubble of the castle. You will only be able to go out at midnight, on the Saint John’s day, to wash clothes at the Llinars fountain”. She turned into a snake and disappeared.
People later commented that they had seen her, “La Encantada”, in the night of Saint John, laying out white clothes or heading to the fountain to wash them, lit up with a red light. They also said that the curse would not be broken as long as there were descendants of Can Fàbregues.

Source: encantadadefontrubi.blogspot.com – Montse Civill

In the other version, during the fiestas of San Juan in Font-rubi, the three young ladies were dancing and enjoying themselves until one of them fell down a well. As she was beyond saving, she cursed the family and on the night of San Juan she comes out in the form of a snake to seek out for a descendant of the Fàbregues family to trade places with her and thus end her captivity.
We, never go to Font-Rubi during San Juan, just in case the legend is true!

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